About us

Are you a Chinese Student Studying in an English speaking country?

College is hard. Having to study in a language that you’re not used to speaking is even harder! That’s why we created Easy College StudyWe help students from China who are studying in the United States better understand their college courses by providing detailed explanations and tutorials in Chinese! 

                                                     We’ve reviewed hundreds of college courses, notes, past exams and put together                                                             hours of videos. Our instructors learn in English and explain in Chinese.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remove the language barrier Chinese speaking students while studying in the United States.

Language should never stand in the way of education. We believe that by removing the language barier many Chinese students face at in College, they will be able to understand the material better and improve their grades.

What our students have to say

This was an excellent course. The material is easy to understand and the teacher speaks perfect Chinese. I will buy again.
Yee H, Texas A&M

I find American History very hard to understand. But this course really helped me. They told me the important parts of the course and it was much easier to do the tests

Wang F, University of Illinois

Excellent and the price was so low! I studied 4 accounting chapters and received A grade in my class.
Minh Chen, Loyola University

Contact us at easystudyintheusa@gmail.com